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Uni is a slice of life VN about a young woman who returns to school after some time off due to a personal tragedy. You'll make decisions that will shape the course of your school life, such as which clubs to join, which job to work, and of course- who your romantic partners are!

  • Sizzling Hot Scenes- Jam packed with erotic moments and encounters!
  • Clothing Customization- Buy and wear a variety of outfits!
  • Interior Design- Customize your bedroom from a selection of styles!

The game is currently in active development and receives bi-monthly updates featuring new scenes and artwork. Sexual content currently in the game includes:

Corruption,  Hetero,  Yuri,  Domination,  Submission,  Multiple Pairings (MMF),  LesDom,  Voyeurism,  Prostitution,  Bimbofication,  And More!

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We hope that you enjoy your time with Uni, feel free to reach out to us with feedback on Patreon, Discord or in the comments below! Thank you.

More information:

For 0.50+ A NEW Save is required.

Do NOT update over a previous version, delete/uninstall the old one before installing the new version.

Due to code changes you'll need to use the Wipe Persistent Data to prevent leftover changes in the save data causing crashes.

-Ponytail hairstyle is bugged
-Convenience Store job will give an error (It can be ignored)

Updated 3 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(707 total ratings)
AuthorsHizor Games, TinyHat-Studios
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Adult, Dating Sim, Erotic, Female Protagonist, Life Simulation, Ren'Py, Romance, Yuri
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Uni 0.50.112c PC & Linux 1 GB
Uni 0.50.112c - Android 1 GB
Uni 0.50.112c MAC 1 GB

Install instructions

For Windows: Download the .zip file, then extract it. 

For Android: Download the .Apk file, Open the file in your androids files, Install. You can also download this using your computer then transferring the file to your android later using it's USB charger, if it's capable of transferring data.

For MAC: Download and Extract .zip

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The Nathan events were a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one! It was a fun route, and even if you don't try to pursue him romantically, it does make the world feel more active! I think some of the club-based side characters having random events was a great addition as well, for the same reason!

Though, man, I wish that when Kenzie is trying to get us to do slutty shit, we could tell her that we're a lesbian, and be all like "I'm not going to fuck this guy. Now, you on the other hand..." 

Also, smh my head, still no Yakuza queen storyline 😔

Nathan was quite the route to work on since getting him to show up properly without breaking other routes so we had to piggyback his events onto other characters events.

While Kenzie definitely wants to include us in her 'diva" group there is some stuff with Simone when you pick certain choices during the party. ;)

Yakuza Queen route is always a route we talk about as fun brainstorming exercises in what would happen. Though we're not going to add it in any official capacity sadly. Maybe one day we'll release a story outline for it and offer modders to try their hand at making it.


we have missed you dearly king thank you for returning


I think it´s a good idea to put some CGs at the Alleys scenes, like the momento to flash to the alley guy and give the panties


The flashing scene is getting a mini-CG with the 0.51 update. :D

Is there any H content with Nathan on 0.49?

Not at this time.

It would be great if the developers added H-Status, it's fun to play. Thank you for your efforts.

Thank you for the support!

I loved the game! If I could ask for anything, it would be more text messages, both naughty and normal. I know you're only halfway through development so I'm looking forward to the rest, I will follow your progress closely~

Definitely more text messages coming in the future.


If i buy the game on here will I have to buy each new release?

In this case, yes; each release is sold separately.


If I buy game now. Will I have to buy it again when new update comes or when it's completed? Never bought games other then demos so I'm asking

In this case, yes; each release is sold separately.


Mat is the best character


Matt lovers unite!


Because of Matt,I caught a Stockholm Syndrome 🖤


it is full release now ?

Full release is still a long ways off, but we're close to releasing the final public demo.


I really love this VN a lot, Kate's route is cute and definitely well written, the others are too but I love Kate's the most. Hope we get to also invite her in the corruption route, the hotel Daniel invites us.


There will be more corrupted Kate don't worry about that! :D


It's a fun story the only con I can say is it's a shame there are no animated scenes, it's only static images 


Animation costs a lot. Especially animation that can match the standards we want.
When Uni first started development our budget was very low, and when our Patreon launched we were making under $1k for over a year.
A single animation would cost near $1k per scene to make and take a lot of time.

However, our next game will have animation so look forward to that.

I'm not sure where you are getting the figures for $1,000 for the creation of a single scene but either way I wish you guys luck. I enjoyed the game and look forward to your future development!


Which Yuri options do you have in this game? Played the demo and only know of two options. Would be cool if there would be some more.

There is only two, Kate and Violet.

Hello! How do I break up the Matt route? I have the Jun favour still and am on day 73. I want to get the boob job but have to break all routes first.

There is a dominant Chelsea road with violet ?

If yes how can i get it? (sorry for my english)

Yes there is. 

You can read the walkthrough on the laptop or make sure to pick the more strict dialog choices when you're with her before the spa.

I can't believe it. I've been following this game for four years now, and I just want to ask if his completion rate has reached 75%,I hope all staff have a safe and happy new year:))))


Closer to 50%

Would be soon a CG for the dreams stuff?




If i buy the $6, do I get access to future updates?


I was wondering, since the yearbook club is a combination of lost clubs, could you give us different options inside the club, besides just photography? I know there's a board game club, and who knows what else in there.


It's still a yearbook club so a lot of it will be photography, but we do have some plans to add some extra activities in the events.

Can't wait!


I hope Kate has a happy ending, please.


She will don't worry.
At least for her romance route.


is there a way to get the new version but keep my old savefile?

 ps love your game <3


Sadly no, we're doing a lot of code cleaning and changing things around. I really wish that wasn't the case as I understand how frustrating that can be starting over, but there is just so much new stuff in the 0.50 update that it needs a fresh start.




(1 edit)

I really like Matt's storyline. Will Matt's content have more updates and richer content in the future? Besides, I really hope to have a Chinese translator. For Chinese players, purchasing games is very difficult. Can you open a more convenient mode, such as Taobao? I can't keep using my friend's account to make purchases.


We have seriously considered translating Uni into Chinese, but as for storefronts to sell it on we're unsure of at this time.

(1 edit) (+1)

How do I root for Yuri without a guy getting involved?


Kate or Violet. Just focus on them and no guys.

why am i not getting anymore matt or violet scenes? did the game glitch out


What day are you on and what was the last Violet event you saw?

Im on day 80 but i think ive gotten all the violet dom scenes. Im missing scene 15, 17, 18 for Matt

We'll look into it and see if we can replicate these issues. Might be an event interfering with it so something.


Does the 6 dollar purchase include updated versions of the game released later?

(1 edit) (+1)

I does not since it follows the Patreon model. Sorry.

I see, thank you.  I'd rather pay once for the full game even if the price goes up, so I'll wait. 

P.S. Having returned to the game after a while, I have to ask: would it be at all possible to get Kate and Damien to date each other? 

The protagonist is great, but I really want to witness those 2 cinnamon rolls be tooth-rotingly sweet to each other.  Plus, seeing the protagonist play matchmaker would be cool - especially since Kate is unsure about men and would likely need encouragement to feel at ease. Or maybe have the protagonist curiously tail them for some comedy, though it does seem out of character for her. 

I just wanted to put the suggestion forward.  I understand if you want to complete the game first, but I'd gladly pay for such a sweet addition to the game (maybe as a "What if?" scenario or a side story for the game), provided it's within my budget.  

Thank you for a wonderful game and for updating the demo. 


Have you completed the Damien route? He has some issues I'd like to not subject Kate to. lol


No, not yet. I played a few years ago and I remember him being a goofy, lovable nerd. Unless something sinister was added down the line? 

I'll probably do a playthrough for both of them - as far as the demo goes anyway. 

(2 edits) (+1)

I'll have to say that, this update was just awsome.....seriously... The soundtracks...the graphics ...everything ....thank you so much it was definitely worth the wait, one very good thing that I loved about this update was the new character Nathan, just awsome, I'll hope that I can see more of him , cause at the end , they just started dating so yeah, I'll look forward to next updates ...keep up good work, I've told you before and I will say it again, I'm not playing your game because of it's h scenes... I love it as a romance, visual novel game it's great, Thank you for your hard work , I loved it💛

I'm glad that you enjoyed the update T2, we worked our asses off on it. And again thank you for your dedication to Uni, your comment has further encouraged and motivated us to keep doing better.

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)


I got to the night of day 2, and as the nightmare of my parents started, got this error;

Upon rolling back, and scrolling back, the error would continue to happen once I tried to pass this screen;

Which is a page or two about the nightmare that caused the initial screen.


We're releasing a patched version today that will fix this.
The cause of this is leftover data from previous versions of the game.

Where can I get the cheat mod?

A cheat mod is not needed since there is a cheat menu already in the game.
Check the bottom right of the laptop screen.



hey is there a wiki for this game

There is not.

Wonder if is a bug but a go to Damian Route

But change my Mind when Kate ask me out

I say her i will quit Damian but it seem i'm still with him-

That's not nice for the boi-

(1 edit)

It'll come up again in their conflict event.

Pretty nice game. I wonder if we'll get an Olivia route in the future? (and possibly Alice)


Or Simone, or August, or Sophie.

Sorry, there are no plans for full routes with any of the side characters.

Are H - scenes animated or not?

Or its just static pictures?

There is no animation in Uni.

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I wanted tosay that I love your game , maybe it will be funny for you but I don't play this game because it's an H game, I play it for it's romance I seriously enjoy the events and dramas in this they are well written, especially damiens route, please keep it up I love the builds and events in this one. 

Also is there going to be more events with Damien in the next update? Please do I would be so happy, I played this route again and again 

That's all. 

(Actually there is another thing I forgot to mention, I love the graphic, it's the best) 

I'm glad that you're loving our game! Thank you!

As for Damien, the next few updates will be focusing on polishing up the game for the upcoming final public release build of the game so Damien isn't going to have any new events for a while, but don't worry as we plan to have so much more with him.


Are you goin to develop Matt route more and more? Love the bullied things and stuffs.


Yes! We still have a whole second half of the game to finish with him.


Is there is any game that look like Aeon in itch.io? Because I like the Aeon concept

Btw nice game:)

Not that I'm aware of. 
The Aeon MMO in the game follows a niche fetish called Healslutting, which as far as I know there is only one other game that focuses on that. Which is straight up just called Healslut.

Are the dreams supposed to be grayed out clouds and just text?


Yes, they will not be getting art.

What are the surnames of all the main characters (Chelsea, Matt, Violet, Kate and Damien)?

I remember both Matt and Violet surnames but does the others have surnames?

Just curiosity. Great game, btw. Love all the characters.


We don't actually keep track of their surnames unless we've declared then in the game. Chelsea, like her first name is up to the player to decide.


is it possible to get access to any of the patron stuff after buying on here?

(1 edit)

Sadly, no.
It would be pretty cool if Itch and Patreon had a integration like that, but it doesn't.

If you want to support the further development of the game then I suggest joining our patreon, plus you get the bonus posts that come with the membership.

If you just want the latest version or just want to see what the game is about then I suggest buying it on Itch.
That's how I see it at least.




Yes. We have one scene that features rape. It is completely avoidable.

Slap Matt, Help Damien, Walk Around and the event will appear.


So you don't think the scene where the bullies grab you and drag you into the bathroom is rape? Because it absolutely is

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