Uni 0.25.81 Released to Public! +New Backer Build

Uni, version 0.25.81 has been made public!
That's right, Uni is back with a massive update for both our public fans and our Patreon backers with 0.26.83 dropping on our Patreon today as well.
It has been a while since a public release, especially since we have moved to updating the public version of the game to once every 6 months. We're still working on Uni every day, so those of you that may have thought Uni was abandoned we are very much still hard at work developing one of the best H-Games!
Now, I'm sure you're interested to know: "Well, what's all changed since version 0.20.75?"
Sadly, we don't have a What's New Card for a changelog that massive, so if you're interested in the specifics here is the raw changelog since 0.20.

0.20.75 - 0.25.81b
Uni 0.25.81b
-Fixed Violet/Matt event conflict, Matt's latest events will happen a few days later than previously.
-Fixed Matt and Ryan staying on screen for a CG.
-Spelling Fix
-Added Violet Bar CG Scene

Uni 0.25.81
-Fixed some weird background transitions.
-Changed a few black backgrounds.
-Added Kate Date CG Scenes.
-Added Emilia Sprites to final Kate Event.
-Added Android Hide Button to PC version.
-Removed Damien Sprites from Festival Rejection choice.
-Can no longer rewind back to a prior day.
-Fixed Certain CG Scenes not unlocking in the gallery.
-Added missing Mr. Davis Sprites to the yearbook club intro.
-"Report a bug" button added underneath the version number on the main menu. (Still needs some work to look better.)
-Added Ryan Sprites to Track Team.
-Added New Damien Casual Outfit
-Added Damien "bootylicious" images
-Added New Lingerie for Chelsea.
-Added Levi Sprites to Yearbook Club.
-Fixed some outfit cleavage being missing.
-Violet Dom/Sub option is now dependent on your previous choices with her.
-Added Landlord Sprites.
-Added Missing Chelsea sprites to rent scenes.
-Added Alex sprites.

Uni 0.24.80
-Delete Save button added in the Load Screen.
-Added an "X" to the quick menu to hide the interface on Android.
-Fixed a window bug for free mode on Android.
-Adjusted Cafe and Bakery payouts.
-Linearized Kate's Romance events.
-Added Matt Doggy CG Scene.
-Added Damien Bar CG Scene.
-Added Matt Bar CG Scene.
-Added Nate&Co. Park CG Scene
-Added Chelsea x Daniel Cafe CG Scene
-Added Hair Salon Background during Bakery Route.
-4 New Damien Events

Uni 0.23.79
-New Matt Casual Outfit added.
-Expanded Mall Outfits writing.
-New CG Scenes for picking out clothes at the mall with Lisa.
-Gallery overflow bug fixed.
-Gallery now shows locked CGs Scenes
-Android version now skips the Hizor Games splash screen to prevent the game from crashing on startup.
-Several bug fixes.
-Some dates for Damien and Violet when eating out now have CG Scenes.
-Nate & Co. Bar CG Scene has been re-added. (Version mix-up problem)
-7 New Kate Romance scenes.

Uni 0.22.78b
-Fixed the top layer for the new outfits.
-Fixed Matt Event timing.
-Updated Android Compatibility.
-Small event fixes.

Uni 0.22.78
-Fixed a Dream Sequence requirement.
-Fixed Background transition in intro.
-Fixed Android Background Loading problem.
-Fixed a hair display problem.
-Skipping work or school has been removed to prevent breaking the game.
-Fixed Fake ID bug.
-Background bug fixes.
-Event timing fixes with Damien, Violet, Homework bullies, and English Class.
-Fixes to the Matt Bad Ending triggering improperly.
-Fix to the Damien Mall event being able to buy the lingerie without having the money to do so.
-Final Karaoke Event added.
-3 New Kate Romance Events.
-2 New Matt Events.
-5 New Conflict Events.
-Hotel Background Added to the bar event.
-Matt & Alex Alley CG Scene Added.
-Damien Movie CG Scene Added.
-Violet Couch and Face Mask Scene Added.
-4 New Outfits Added to the shop.

Uni 0.21.76
-8 New Bar Scenes
-Edited Cafe Map Location
-Return button added for cat shop
-Edit to dialog if you slapped Matt
-Edit to times of day naming to be more clear
-Small changes to event timings

As you can see above, there have been plenty of changes to make playing through the game again quite fresh with new things to discover in every route.
So what are you waiting for? It's free! Hop on over to our patreon and you can find the link to the download right at the top on the front page!

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I was playing with an old file and realized that I couldn't buy the new clothes and the events weren't showing up

Yes, it should be noted that due to all the changes to the code from 0.20 to 0.25 old save files will not work with the new version.
Sorry about this.